Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Affordable for everyone

Are you leaving a few days? Going to vacation? Or need to leave the island because of some emergencies?!


We have different options to propose you and I'm sure we can find one that will fit your needs perfectly and that you can afford!

Most of us just need to make sure that our mail is picked up regularly (for technical and safety reasons like ID theft or burglary) 

or need:

someone to clean the house just after your departure

someone to water the plants, 

change the water of the aquarium? 

make sure that no critters are infesting the house?

to make sure that the house DOESNT LOOK VACANT, 

to feel confident that someone is there to double check that everything is fine at your house, 

someone to be your local point contact (in case of deliveries, burglary, etc)

or just want to come back to a nice clean house with some groceries in the fridge! (especially after long flights and arriving late at night)

Just call or email us to receive our form to identify your needs!