Sunday, August 8, 2010

If you are a home owner and will be absent for a while, ..

Here are things we can help you with:

Closing property:

- Unplug appliances
- set A/C
- check securities
- turn off breakers,
- turn off water if need it,
- adjust thermostats to economical,
- check all window and door seals to make certain your home is weather tight,
- Lock all the windows and doors and secure any other areas that may be prone to human or animal intrusion,
- empty garbage,
- plant watering,
- take in or cover the patio furniture,
- set up lighting timer,
- clean out your refrigerator and discard or freeze perishable foods
- or other customer needs are also available.

While absent:

- Visit your home and verify security and inspect for damage (different plans available)
- Confirm that all the outside services contracted by you (lawn maintenance, housekeepers, gardeners, pool cleaners, pet sitters, aquarium services etc) is being done properly.
- Pick up and forward mail if you have not stopped it with the USPS
- Be your local point of contact for alarm monitoring calls 24/7
- Check and change batteries on smole/fire detectors
- Inspect for any insect contamination,
- Change the lighting timer
- Watering plants,
- Check if need any repairs and find solutions for any problem that the property might have (will usually double check first with customer unless we already had instruction of what to do or use common sense in case of emergencies)
- Take trash out if need it
- Provide you with weekly/monthly inspection reports (with photographs or videos.)

Opening up property:

- Turn on circuit breakers,
- set up A/C,
- Turn on the water and reset the thermostats to the temperature you request
- plugs and appliances,
- change blown light bulb,
- check window/door securities,
- opening/closing blinds/drapes,
- plant watering,
- set the furniture up on the Lanai,
- check for insects
- Double check that housekeepers, ground keepers etc did a deep cleaning
- Vehicle services (wash, registration, checkup, battery check, pick up client from the airport etc)
- bed sheet on, hang new towels etc
- groceries and special needs before your arrival
- flower decoration,
- plant watered,
- setting up baby equipment
- Stacking liquor cabinet
- Provide a calendar of community, entertainment and children's events covering the time you will be in the area
- Or any other personal request