Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pauwela Cannery - Haiku

Are you a surfer? Windsurfer? Or enjoy to rent a good movie?

Go to the Pauwela Cannery in Haiku (West Kuiaha Rd)

You will find:

Quatro International (Production and Custom windsurf boards and surf boards)
Goya (windsurfboards, sails and masts)
MFC (the best fins made by Pio Marasco)

DaKine warehouse/ shop
Mark Nelson Factory
Haiku Video store (they have food too)
Nosh Maui Bakery
Voyage East (Entertaining place - concerts/music/ fashion shows etc) See video below
Da Factory Maui Glass Blowing
Hardware store
Canoe designer/builder
Sergio - Mechanic and affordable rental cars
Gramps Rock's chair Ding Repair -808-575-7859
Maui Attitude (print on clothing and bags/ sell also clothes)

                Phone & Fax (808) 575 5305             e-mail : and more....