Friday, September 10, 2010

Burning sugar cane...burning my eyes...

I was driving this morning from Haiku to Kahului... Above Hookipa, we could see this huge smoke.
Arriving in Paia, the smell was terrible and it was snowing ashes all over the place
I really don't like what they do! We have many schools, preschools and people living in the area that have to smell the smoke, breath small debris of the sugar cane.. I'm glad I live in Haiku and we don't have to smell it for hours.. or  have to deal with the cleaning and dusting! But knowing that my kid will have to smell it at preschool..I'm really not happy (not even mentioning about how bad it is for the environment).

Anyway.. I'm still very thankful to wake up every day under the Hawaiian sun and be surrounded of a beautiful nature! Aloha