Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween at Moana Cafe, Sunday October 31st at 9pm

Sunday, October 31 at 9:00pm - November 1 at 2:00am

71 Baldwin Avenue
Paia, HI

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MARASCO (CityDeep/Nitelife Music Hawaii)
GRETCHEN RHODES Live set (Nitelife Music Hawaii)

...Cash price for best costume!!!

Get ready to have your best Halloween in Paia...!

Always addicted to music, Pio was inspired by Neapolitans Danilo Vigorito, Marcelus W, Andrea Gambardella, and Marco Carola. These are the people that opened a new door into Pio's creativity and which helped to move his music project forward. In 2003 he finally decided to take DJing and music production seriously. Then in 2007 together with Danny Fry, Lalo Goya and Gretchen Rhodes he founded NITELIFE MUSIC. NITELIFE is an event production company that was started with the intention of bringing more music to the Hawaiian Islands. Rapidly NITELIFE has established itself solidly as being known to organize some of the best events on the island of Maui and has brought and continues to bring artists such as Derrick May and Tony Humphries, amongst others.
Marasco is releasing tunes on CityDeepMusic SF, Even Eights Records and on Seamless Rec.
His sound is a mixture of organic, techy house with a touch from the “deep”.
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Gretchen Rhodes started singing at a very young age in a small Midwestern town where she was raised. It wasn’t hard to believe that she would be musically inclined. Both of her parents are classically trained and have their masters in music. When she was 14 years old her parents took her to Vienna to live for a year. Being that Vienna is the city of music, living there helped to further solidify her longing for musical exposure. Gretchen continued to explore her voice throughout High school and college, but nothing really hit home until she moved to the Virgin Islands and met songwriter/producer Padraic Coursey. Pad is a full blown Cruzan rocker with an island edge. The two quickly became friends. When Padraic moved to L.A., he and Gretchen shared a promise of unfinished musical business. Two years later Gretchen headed to California in search of some soul release. At the time Pad was working with producer, Ted Greenberg. Ted had just won two Grammy’s for “Standing in the Shadows of Motown”. Needless to say, the three were riding on these waves of success. In just four months “Rhodes Colored Glasses” was finished. After that, Gretchen went back to St. John in the Virgin Islands and started a three piece all girls band called “Nectar”. With Cat Braaten on guitar/vocals and “Wanda Burgos “The Puerto Rican Conga Playing Wonder” on percussion, these ladies rocked the V.I. Their sound is a bluesy cross between latin, funk and rock. In 2005 Nectar was fortunate enough to open the St. John Blues Fest for Shemika Copeland. Since then Gretchen has moved to Hawaii and continues to write music. Recently She was introduced to Mick Fleetwood on Maui. She has been lucky enough to be a part of Mick Fleetwood’s Island Rumours Band. Her inspiration comes from the beauty of life and the trials we must go through in order to make ourselves better. “Life was never meant to be easy. It’s the ease with which you get by and the lessons that are learned along the way, that defines you as your own person. I have always learned my lessons the hard way. Because of that I have no regrets.”

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