Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween


Once again, Halloween was under the rain (north shore).
My kids went trick and treating at Kuau BayView. Lots of people are going there or at Sprechelsville.
We were lucky that it wasn't raining much, but when we arrived at Paia town, the rain started to pour heavily.
I was impressed that most of the people were playing the game.
At Mana Foods most of the employees were dressed up. It was very crowded. Lots of people were also heading to Moana Cafe as Pio and Gretchen are playing & singing tonight!
I saw lots of wonderful costumes but unfortunately I wasn't able to take too many pictures as it was raining...

I'm sure lahaina was also packed...but I think people from the North shore are now enjoying to stay in Paia... Paia is slowly becoming the "little Lahaina".... It would be actually nice if they would close down Baldwin Avenue and organize parking along Hana Highway.
I noticed that this year, we had lots of police officers standing all over Paia.