Sunday, June 9, 2013

Where to eat in Paia

I love food and I love Paia. Besides those listed below, Paia is home to some of Maui’s most well known establishments like Charlie’s and Mama’s Fish House, as well as several other great eateries and coffee houses like the ones below :

Paia Fish Market 
2 Baldwin Ave 579-8030

My friends and I have made the drive to Paia just for an Ahi Burger on many, many occasions. From upcountry, Kihei, it doesn’t matter- it’s that good. Paia Fish Market is located on the bustling corner of Hana Hwy and Baldwin Ave in the heart of Paia. The casual vibe, communal bench seating and amazing food are all reasons that the line to order at the counter usually stretches to the door. It’s a great place to run into friends or meet new and interesting people sitting next to you. Come hungry, order anything, say hello and smile- you’re guaranteed to have a great experience.

Cafe des Amis
42 Baldwin Ave 579-6323

This is one of my favorite place to eat.. owned by one of my friend, Tina.
This glorious cafe style restaurant used to hold just a few tables so you had to wait very patiently for your turn- and it was always worth it. A lovely al fresco seating area now joins the cozy dining room and the value is amazing at this place. Sweet and savory crepes, curry wraps, salads- all at prices you wouldn’t expect on Maui for such fresh and tasty food. An evening spent with good friends over great crepes under the soft light at Cafe Des Amis is pure magic.

Mana Foods 
49 Baldwin Ave 579-8607
Great Healthy foods with honest prices.
Mana is a great place to get all of your groceries and household needs, but just in case you’ve missed it they also have an amazingly delicious selection of fresh made wraps, sandwiches, meats and pastries as well as an impressive salad and hot food bar. If you don’t want to deal with the time and cost of a sit down restaurant but are in need of some tasty nourishment then head to Mana Foods.

By the way, I use to work there and even met my husband as I use to work with him :)
Don't hesitate to ask for Dan (my ex-husband and daily manager), Don (my brother-in-law and meat manager), Pat (manager), Cathy (cashier), Rony (cashier), Ann (Thai food chef, my dear friend) or her daugther Kim (working in the vitamin room), Cherry (cashier), etc.. and let them know you heard about them via my blog!
Donald Rayburn, my brother-in-law

Here my favorite cashiers! (girls)

Flatbread Company 
89 Hana Hwy 579-8989
Fresh, local, organic ingredients. Wood fired cauldron and hand built wood burning earthen oven. Local brews on tap. Community oriented and supportive. Relaxed atmosphere and friendly service. These are just a few of the things that make Flatbread Company the place to go time and time again. Heart, enthusiasm and dedication to honest good food and the community shines in the quality and is reflected in customer loyalty.
Great place for parents to bring their kids there! Don’t miss it.

Anthony’s Coffee 
Co. 90 Hana Hwy Unit C 579-8340
This local favorite serves up amazing coffee, tea and goodies. Step up to the counter, order your goods and take a seat to check out the day’s paper or the selection of gorgeous accessories for sale on the shelves. This specialty coffee house has high quality food, beverages and ambiance, making it a perfect place to start your Maui morning or recharge in the afternoon.

Cafe Mambo and Picnics 
30 Baldwin Ave 579-8021
Cafe Mambo has a special place in my heart since it was a regular stop for dinner before Salsa dancing in Haiku. The great food and mix of people was always the perfect start to the evening. Boasting an excellent selection of food at a fantastic price, this place always satisfies. There are plenty of delicious items to choose from for yourself or to share with a friend. Or pick up a boxed lunch and take it on the road for an afternoon at the beach or on the road to Hana- then come on back and enjoy happy hour or dinner.

Moana Bakery and Cafe 
71 Baldwin Ave 579-8607
Regularly praised for great service, amazing food and a cool casual atmosphere, Moana Bakery & Cafe is a favorite with locals and visitors. Everything, yes everything, is good. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, pastries, sushi, indian, they do it all well. Moana also hosts live music on some evenings so you can really get it all here.

Milagros Food Company 
3 Baldwin Ave 579-8755
Did somebody say margaritas?

Across the street from Paia Fish Market in the Paia Town Center building, Milagros serves up amazing fish tacos, burritos and margaritas. Order up some chips and salsa, any one of their delicious meals and an icy beverage and take in the sights of Paia town from Milagros’ street front patio.

Ono Gelato Company 
115 Hana Hwy 579-9021
Fresh made daily using local and organic ingredients whenever possible, Ono Gelato has a myriad of near addiction-inducing sorbettos and gelatos from which to choose. From fruits to chocolates, they are all heavenly. While you savor your cup of deliciousness check out the selection of local coffees, teas, jams and salts to take home as a reminder of the taste bud bliss that is Ono Gelato and all of Paia town.

And if you want to eat wonderfully, don't miss :

Mama Fish House

Thanks Liza for the infos..