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Maui's North shore beaches

Maui has 120 miles of coastline and 30 miles of beaches. There are a wide variety of beached suitable to a range of activities. 
Always follow the directives of the lifeguards, read posted signs and use common sense. Many of Maui's beaches are far away from civilization and quite isolated from emergency services should you get into trouble. Have fun exploring but keep in mind that beach conditions change daily. It is always a good idea to check the weather conditions and surf reports before going to the beach.

Peahi or commonly known as "Jaws" , North Maui

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Ten times a year or so you can hear a faint rumbling that gets steadily louder over a few days and builds to a crescendo the night before a big wave day at Jaws. The wave at Peahi is too big and fast to be ridden by conventional paddle-in surfing. So the teams use the skis to get the surfers up to speed on the massive waves that travel up to thirty miles per hour. The wave slows as it hits the reef and lifts the riders skyward. As fast as the surfer descends the wave the wave lifts itself up. The surfer has to out run the wave to escape the wave. There is nothing to see there when the wave isn't breaking. But when it is on, there is a scramble to get a good vantage point on the cliffs overlooking the break. For the next few hours the crowd watches in admiration and amazement as the word's top big wave surfers perform amazing feats of bravery and athleticism.

Ho'okipa Beach, North Maui

Take Hana Highway 380, 2 miles past Paia town going east. Ho'okipa is a sandy beach with 2 picnic pavilions and 2 life guard tower. Ho'okipa is famous place for watching the world's best windsurfers at play.
Windsurfers can only launch after 11am (but not if there are more then 10 surfers on the break). This is called the "Ten Man Rule" and it is unique to Ho'okipa,.
This beach can get some huge waves. Even experts get washed up on the rocks here. There are three breaks at Ho'okipa :
Pavilions at the eastern end, which is a point break favored by surfers.
Middles is in the center of the beach, it breaks right and left. And
H'poko at the western point breaks well in high waves. 
There are very strong currents running here whenever there is decent surf, so this is definitely a place for strong surfers. The big rights break into a deep channel. 
Surfers and divers have the right of way here in the mornings. Generally SUP surfers are not welcome here, there are many other places where they can go.

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Lanes, North Maui

Just downwind (west) of H'poko is Lanes. It is a long left hander (that breaks into the same channel as H'poko). When there is high surf, windsurfers love this wave which is usually less crowded than the other breaks. This is a good surfing break, but it gets spectacular during kona winds. This is when you will see the best windsurfers and kiters riding amongst huge plumes of spray. Windsurfers that get into trouble at lanes may have to swim their gear ashore at Wana Beach. Wana beach is basically a rock ledge covered with sea urchins. Windsurfers will usually launch at Ho'okipa and sail down to ride lanes.

Mama's, North Maui

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This is a small beach next to Mama's Fish House Restaurant. It has a very nice rock pool for swimming. Waves are blocked by a rock ledge and the water rushes over the ledge into the pool. The rock pool is great for kids and families wading and refreshing after a sunbathing here. Take care in high surf. This area is all rocks and can provide access to the surf for advanced riders only please.
Come ashore immediately if you get cut because this is where shark lives!

Tavares beach (Kuau), North Maui

Paia bay, North Maui

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Balwin Beach and Baby beach, North Maui

Less crowded and great for keikis

Sugar beach, North Maui

Spreckelsville, North Maui

Camp one beach, North Maui

Kanaha beach, North Maui

Kite beach, North Maui

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